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How Home Builders Can Use Retargeting Ads to Generate Leads Online

As an Inbound Marketing firm, we do not recommend a lot of traditional advertising or paid search. These tactics are becoming too competitive, too expensive, and have diminishing returns. The one type of ad we are very fond of, however, are retargeting ads. Here is why...

What Are Retargeting Ads?

Unlike typical display ads, retargeting ads are served to people who have already visited your website. Because they have visited your site, you now have context - a key component to inbound marketing, and something lacking in other kinds of online display ads. We will discuss how to use this context later in this post.

Where do retargeting ads show up?

Retargeting ads operate just like any other type of banner ad. For example Google Adwords will display ads on any site using the Google Display Network (i.e. news websites, weather sites, popular blogs, etc...). Facebook and other social media sites offer their own retargeting ad network.

How Remarketing Ads Actually Work

There are two primary types of remarketing ads: pixel-based ads and list-based ads. For purposes of this post we will focus on pixel-based, but here is a quick intro to how both types work:

Pixel-Based Remarketing Ads

A piece of JavaScript, also called a "pixel," is added to your visitor's browser when they visit a specific page on your website. When they browse other websites, this pixel tells remarketing platforms to serve up ads based on their history on your website.

List-Based Remarketing Ads

List-based ads are based on a list of email addresses that you already possess. These are typically run on social platforms like Facebook or Twitter. If the email address in your database matches the email address associated with their social profile, you can serve up ads in their feed.

Retargeting Ad Tips for Home Builders

As with all marketing tactics, retargeting ads need to properly integrated into a larger strategy. For home builders, retargeting ads are best used to convert site traffic into leads.


If a potential buyer is on your site, you want them to take some kind of action so they are converted into a lead. If they leave your site without converting, retargeting ads are a great way to get a second chance.

How Can a Custom Builder Use Retargeting Ads

It is easy to understand how retargeting ads work, but it can be difficult at times to really conceptualize how these ads can be used in a meaningful way to convert more leads. Below is a quick, highly visual, example of how a custom home builder might use retargeting ads:

Blog Graphics - RFF-002.jpg

You've heard "content is king," right? In my experience, context is king. The more you know about an individual the more targeted and effective your marketing can be.

Blog Graphics - RFF-003.jpg

In this case, if B. Hombre visited a page about XYZ Community on your website, your ad can be "Find Available Lots in XYZ Community." That's going to get a much better click through rate (CTR) than a general ad about your company.

Blog Graphics - RFF-004.jpg

Now that we have B. Hombre back on our website, where do we send him? Definitely NOT the Home page, that would a be wasted opportunity! No, if B. Hombre clicks on the retargeting ad, we KNOW that he is interested in finding available lots in XYZ Community. Instead, we should send him to a landing page offering a consultation to help him find available lots in XYZ or similar neighborhoods. The moment he fills out that form he could be considered a Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) that you can nurture into an opportunity.



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