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Stop Asking Your Customers How They Found You

This is a quick thought, but it could fundamentally change your understanding of your customers. Most companies ask their customers or prospects some variation of the question, "how/where did you hear about us?"

Here is what I recommend, change your question from "How/Where did you..." to "Why did you...?"

"Why did you decide to contact us?"

"Why did you decide to hire us?"

"Why did you decide to buy from us?"

The change is subtle, but the result could be a fundamental shift in your understanding of your customer and how your brand is being received.

Most of the buyer's journey is subconscious.

For most businesses, it is very likely your prospect or customer has had multiple points of exposure to your brand before taking any action. It is more valuable to understand what attracted them to you than the channel by which they found you.

By asking "why" instead of "how" you will likely get more dynamic answers that can better inform your decisions moving forward.

The typical answer to: How did you hear about us?
"I saw your truck in my neighborhood."

The typical answer to: Why did you decide to call us?
"I saw your truck in my neighborhood so I went to you website. I liked the video you had about my problem, it seemed liked you really take the time to educate your customers."

This is a real example edited for anonymity. As you can see, the second answer reveals a much more textured relationship between the customer and the service company they chose to call. Having dozens or hundreds more of these kind of data points will paint a picture of what is and isn't working for your brand.

I hope this helps! I would love to hear your thoughts.

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